Happy Cow Family Gond Art


  • This Artistic handmade piece ‘Happy Cow Family’ is a Gond Tribal Style of painting.
  • Gond art is a traditional tribal art made by dashes and dots.
  • Deeply connected with nature and natural elements, Gonds have traditionally drawn inspiration and represented their stories using strong natural elements.
  • This painting has been made using colours picked by the artisans from their natural ecosystem.
  • Painting is on canvas and comes unframed.
  • Dimensions (inches) : 57″x33″
  • Country of Origin : India

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  • Gond paintings are from the heart of India. The Gond tribal artworks are anything but outdated.
  • Not only do contemporary Gond artists use modern materials and methods but they also represent contemporary scenes and concerns while keeping true to age-old traditions and style. An indigenous form of traditional art from the state of Madhya Pradesh has come to be known as Gond Tribal Art.
  • Like many other indigenous Indian art forms, Gond art is also being passed on from one generation to the next by members of the tightly knit Pradhan Gond tribe.
  • The intricate pictorial themes within this unusual Indian art form are usually inspired by elements of nature or beliefs in Hindu Gods.
  • In many instances, the paintings have evolved from narrative poetry or folk songs inspired by mythical stories of Gods.
  • The paintings were first depicted on the walls of village houses in Madhya Pradesh. It was believed that Gond Art paintings on walls would bring good luck to the family.
  • Gond paintings have been centuries-old, with the passage of time, this art form has gradually shifted from the mud walls of the houses to canvas and papers. Apart from deriving inspirations from legends and myths, these paintings majorly feature nature as their main subject.

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