The reign of women artisans of India
25/07/2023 | Women & Crafts

The rich land of art, culture, creativity – India’s contribution to the world in lending its Art & Culture is huge. One such industry we impact is the Handicrafts we produce. What started as a hobby for housewives in small cities umpteenth years ago, has led itself to being one of the most important sectors […]

Geographical Indication: An Initiative To Promote Trade And Preserve Culture
23/05/2023 | GI Tags

What is common among Mizo Chiili, Sikkim Large Cardamom, and Kaji Nemu. Yes, these could be the ingredients of a great recipe, but these are also GI tagged products. GI or Geographical Indications is the Government of India’s initiative to tag and celebrate the specific geographical origin, quality, and characteristic that a product enjoys, given […]

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