Ravindra Salve Serigraph

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  • Genre: Limited Edition Serigraph on Paper
  • Size: 14″ x 18″
  • Limited Edition Serigraph are a series of identical prints of an artwork, commissioned by the artist. Restricted to a one-time printing of a certain number of pieces, each print is numbered and signed by the artist, establishing its’ authenticity. Ravindra Salve is a popular Indian artist, known for his use of bold and vibrant colours to create fantastical works of art, with figurative and religious themes often being his focus.
  • Material: Archival Paper
  • Colours: Multicoloured This product is sent in rolled format.
  • Country of Origin : India

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  • Haath Ka Bana brings you Limited Edition Serigraph from The World of Ravindra Salve.
  • Favouring vibrant hues Ravindra Salve’s canvases incorporate bold use of colour suggesting a virtual flight of fantasy. Figurative and religious themes give shape to his ideas.
  • The artist based in Mumbai, uses larger than life images in sense of proportion as well as colour.
  • A Serigraph is a rendition of an original artwork created by the silk-screen printing process.
  • Limited Edition refers to the limited quantity of Serigraphs created of a specific artwork by the artist. This limited number of prints is conceived as such by the artist to make the print rare and add value to it. After the edition is printed, the matrix which is used to make the print is destroyed. This ensures that no additional Fine Art Print of the same artwork will be created in the future. So needless to mention, the smaller the edition run – the higher the price as there will be no more created. Often the price also increases with the progressive sale of the Edition and with the availability of the prints becoming scarce. Which is why you may see the last few pieces of an edition commanding a higher value than the initial few.
  • Serigraphs which are Limited Edition are great as an investment because their value increases with the increase in demand.
  • Serigraphs being a ‘Multiple Original’ is priced much lower than a Singular Original work of art hence making it more accessible and in turn easier to invest in as well as increasing its resale prospects in the secondary market by appealing to a wider art loving segment due to its attractive price point.
  • This product will be sent in rolled format.

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