Banarasi Brocade Clutch

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  • Material-Brocade
  • Country of origin-India
  • Colour-red with golden engraved prints
  • Handcrafted banarasi artwork with elegant finish
  • Compact and stylish
  • Matched with ethnic occasions
  • Easy to clean with soaked cloth

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  • Haath ka bana portrayed with staggering intricated designs and engravings all the way from Banaras.
  • Banarasi handloom from 19th century found to be the finest art of India. Specializes for their gold and silver brocade or Zari.
  • Banarasi brocade clutch styled with your any OOTD, ideal for wedding party, get together or night mixed drink parties.
  • Grab this homespun Enrique piece and be ready to catch the attention of every passing by.
  • The finest stitch with its perfect frame and flecked patterns giving antiquated looks for your sovereign attire.
  • Configuration and brought in a way to make more differentiated space to your stuff with perfect fitting chain to keep your chattels safe.

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