Tamba – The Copper Water Bottle with Blue & White Elegance

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Copper, blue & white in colour with elegant patterns, easy to wash, light in weight, filled with plenty of health benefits.

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From an ancient era, copper is the only metal with anti bacterial nature and in the time of ongoing pandemic scenario when everyone around is hunting for health savior, here is the ultimate solution of drinking water with our copper water bottle with refined patterns keeping in mind your health and grace together with number of benefits giving full bloom to whole body and skin and safeguarding from various viruses and infections.

Craft Genre Moradabad Metal Craft

GI Tag No. 161 (Geographical Indication)

No. of Pieces 1 Copper Bottle with Two Copper Glasses

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Weight 0.000354 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 4 × 7 cm


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