Modal Silk Stole With Ajrakh Handblock

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  • There are a lot of ways of for you to express your love with the person of your life.
  • One of them is picking up this Delicate Silk stole to add some sass and style to Valentine’s Day.
  • And it also makes a classic gift for any girl including yours.
  • Material: Modal Silk
  • Handwoven by weavers of Gujarat
  • Elegant beige colored stole each hues benefiting the wearer by raising or decreasing the temperature of the body according to  the climate condition
  • Dry Clean only

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  • The fabulous Modal Silk stole while wrapped around the neck, fills with a confident & elegant look.
  • It’s also used as liturgical vestment and an ethnic necessity in different ceremonies.
  • Fit for a multiuse gift option for Birthday, Anniversary and also on Women’s Day.
  • With the broadening era of modern and machinery clothing, the true form of art bite the dust in the corners of India. Haath ka bana haul up artisans with their native and pure art into picture by these beautifully yearned Ajrakh stoles
  • Ajrakh originated around 3000 years ago has deep Sufism connection orchestrated from Sindh, the tribal community(Khatri) involved in processing of Ajrakh later migrated in Gujarat
  • As complicated and onerous procedures with levels of printing of the motifs as fictitious the patterns are. Celestially carved in a manner to showcase a mortise upshot made out of acacia trees
  • From the voids of India old fangled to vogue alluring designed to worn in any weather and occasion for a la mode

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