Mashru Silk Stole DEC0720150

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Key Features

  1. Handwoven by traditional weavers in Patan, Gujarat
  2. The fabric is made of both a silk warp and a cotton weft.
  3. Natural vegetable dyes are used to add color to the fabric.
  4. Mashru fabric is relatively easier to maintain as compared to pure silk.

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  • Take home the luxurious sheen and smooth silky Mashru stoles. Mashru silk is an artisanal mixture of sparkling silk ( in appearance) and cotton ( for comfort and calming feeling to be worn in summers).The fabric is made of both a silk warp and a cotton weft. It is super suitable for persons who have a taste of luxury. Today, traditional Mashru is on the brink of extinction. Colours of Mashru cheer up a tired soul; the popularity of this multi-coloured textile among colour loving people keeps hope for the revival of this beautiful craft.
  • Material- Silk & Cotton
  • Cleaning Care- Dry Clean Only.

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Weight 0.220 kg
Dimensions 210 × 57 cm


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