Haath Ka Bana Brass Tree of Life T Light Holder EAEG030


Key Features

  • Brass Tree with branches wide spread gives an elegant look as it works as a T-Light Holder.

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  • Moradabad is world famous as the ‘Brass City’ for the fine, intricate hand engraving on metal items which is a rare craft. The designs made on the metal products here display culture, heritage, history and diversity. Craftsmen here create unique art pieces with brass by a special process called, ‘Dhalliya’. With over 75% of the population dependent on the metal work, ‘Peetal Nagari’ – Moradabad has carved a niche of its own through its fine craftsmanship of utility and decorative brassware. A number of ornamenting techniques like engraving, embossing, filling in coloured lac in engraved areas, etching, tinning, electroplating are being used to create the beautiful objects. Today, Moradabad has many export units and metal craft industries in its cluster.
  • Material: Metal

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Weight 1.071 kg
Dimensions 28 × 11 × 33 cm


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